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“TMS can be a dominant therapy as compared with antidepressant medication treatment.”

Introduction of TMS treatment after a single failed antidepressant trial would be more cost effective and provide better outcomes than the current practice of continued successive medication trials

“The effect size for TMS antidepressant efficacy is at least comparable to those of antidepressant medications even though studies included only treatment-resistant or treatment-intolerant depressed patients.”

The durability of the antidepressant benefit from TMS and safety/tolerability profile make it an attractive treatment option for select patients

“The electric field generated by the H-coil decays at a much slower pace than the electric field generated by the standard coil, indicating the H-Coil’s deeper penetration of the brain.”

The Brainsway H-Coil design, which we utilize, is compared to a standard coil to illustrate the likely greater treatment efficacy with the H-Coil design

“Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in ASD [Autism Spectrum disorder] can improve several facets of cortical dysfunction.”

Social and interpersonal communications abilities were improved following treatment in a young woman with ASD

More than Hope.
Remission from Depression is Possible.

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